Sleep – sometimes it evades me

I’ve never slept all that well, even as a kid it used to take me hours to get to sleep. My parents would be closing their novels and trotting off to bed in the wee small hours and I would still be wide awake. 

These days, I can usually drop off but wake constantly through the night. My body must be used to that pattern, it is after all a definite pattern, because I am not too tired during the day. 

Occasionally I just cannot get to sleep and I know the feeling that alerts me to the fact that it’s one of those nights. So tonight it’s 1.20 in the wee hours and I’m wide awake. I usually get up and make a cup of herbal tea, but tonight I’m trying a small hot chocolate. 

I’ve heard that this can help bring on drowsiness, so far nothing has changed. 

Doesn’t it also feel like you are the only person awake among a sea of sleeping people? It can be quite a lonely feeling. 

I know that outside my front door in my beautiful Jacaranda tree is a plant snaking up that tree called a night flowering Cereus. Why not share a photo of it. 

Or maybe two.

I’ve tried different herbal remedies, working like a Trojan in my garden, different bed time routines but none work so I just accept my sleep pattern as normal, normal to me. The last time that I slept through the night was about seven years ago, just once, I think I threw a party!! 

My husband Mike can go to bed, place his head upon the pillow and not wake up till morning. Amazing. I wake between four and 12 times a night. 

I am a night owl and go to bed late most nights, so I try an early night here and there but it has no effect on my sleep patterns. 

But for now I will say Good Night and trust I will get some sleep tonight. 


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