My Garden Attire

I have difficulty in choosing what to wear in my garden. It has to be flexible as of course, I do a lot of bending, digging, kneeling, crouching and other manoeuvres that require garden wear to be something that I am not aware of whilst gardening. So I haunt op shops and the like to see what might suit out in the garden. I don’t want to look like something the cat’s dragged in as my mother would say, but then I don’t want to look like I’m out on the town for the night. So I looked at buying a pair of jeans that were made in the USA, workwear for female farmers, but the cost was a bit too much now I’m retired, but oh I did fall in love with them. Made by women for women who work hard, and designed to fit women’s bodies, not men’s bodies. Bigger pockets, a mini belt at the back of the jean, reinforced knees. Sounds and looks great to me.


Blimey, sounds just exactly what I need for those heavy jobs in my garden, such as pruning of my 45 to 50 hibiscus shrubs every September. I go at it gung ho and my legs come off second best with scratches, cuts and pokes and it’s not a pretty look. Of course I wear my own jeans or long pants, but I get frustrated with them as they aren’t geared for garden work at all. I know I can sew but haven’t the time to make a pair for myself, and I could retrofit a pair of jeans I already have, but again, time constraints … but well, if I’m honest, it’s more about being bothered for me. I can revamp clothes, but sometimes, I just want to buy something that just does the job.

As for footwear, I’ve got that sorted. My lovely husband Mike, bought me a pair of Bogs boots  for my birthday 18 months ago. They aren’t cheap but oh boy, they are worth every cent he paid and more. I’ve had them on my feet nearly every time I go out in the garden. As you can see by the photos they are like the long good old wellington boot, but are made of neoprene so don’t make your foot or leg hot and “ahem” sweaty. I also like the fact that they are patterned and fun to look at.

I was so happy with these that for summer and those days I didn’t need to wear my long Bogs I saved up madly and bought these short clog type Bogs. I love, love the patterning on these and would collect them all if I could. Lol.

They protect my feet from the wet soil, the chicken pen floor and sticks and stones so well and they look pretty good I reckon.

At other times for the really heavy duty jobs like digging holes that I will be swinging that mattock I will wear my T-Boots t-boots (rather like Blundstone) to protect my feet as yes, I have swung the mattock into my foot many years ago whilst wearing the good old flip flops or thongs. Not a good idea.


Some of the damage done to my leg whilst out there in the wilds of my garden. It is healing now, but as I said, it’s not a pretty look. I tend to just get on with the job and don’t notice the damage I am doing as I get in “the zone” and only notice when I have finished for the day. I also just don shorts and forget about past encounters on warmer days.

So, tell me, what does everyone else wear whilst out in the garden?



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