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I hate to throw clothing out, even if it is to the op shop and passing it around to my two sisters to have their pick from as they do with me, before the bag of goodies gets passed onto other family members.

Orange jumper

I like this sweater, or jumper as I call it, I have two others the same style by the same person, “Caroline Morgan”, not that I deliberately buy anything by any particular person, as I like to op shop quite a bit, but this brand seems to pop up for me.

This lovely orange jumper has got a wee bit tight for me so what to do? Make it into a cardigan that’s what. I have seen various ways of completing this task on sites like Pinterest so I thought why not give it go? I’ve already completed one that was successful, so here we go with this one.

I marked the centre line at the front of the jumper and then slashed it with my trusty scissors, takes a bit of courage, just a tiny bit. Then in my stash of fabric I found the perfect piece of cotton, which was given to me by a friend, not quite half a metre but would do the job nicely.

I cut two long rectangles that overlapped by about 2.5cm and was wide enough for the fabric to act as bias binding on the edges of the now cardigan. I pressed each piece in half lengthwise and then placed the long raw edges into the middle meeting the centre crease. Then I stitched each long piece with right sides facing onto the sides of the cardigan and tucked in the upper and lower raw edges of the floral fabric before slip stitching the other side to the wrong side of the cardigan. I quite like a little bit of hand sewing, so it’s good to sit in the evening and sew away, it’s quite soothing.


As you can see from the finished article, it’s now a wearable cardigan and will have lots more life left in it. Note the jeans.

Orange jumper 6

I bought these JAG jeans from an op shop and cost just $5 and are brand new. I couldn’t leave them there for that price, but the only thing that irked me was that the rise was too low, so taking a leaf out of my sister’s book, who isn’t a sewer, I added a waist band from a defunct pair of jeans and then from scraps of the same fabric I used on the cardi I embellished the jeans. So now I’ve got a very useful pair of jeans and a good cardi.

Then I had this quite boring jumper, and although I like jumpers, they really don’t suit my shape, so again, what to do with it as it’s a wool jumper and I didn’t want to give it or throw it away.

Blue jumper

Pinterest to the rescue again. I found this gorgeous little jumper and used the idea to adapt to my jumper. I was convinced it was aimed just at me as the two jumpers are the same colour, but oh, I DO like the cable on the Pinterest jumper


Searching my stash yet again for fabric I found some lovely cotton with large polka dots on, I’m a sucker for polka dots and the colourway was perfect to revamp this jumper.

I made a template for the V inserts and cut out four panels, two for the front and two for the back. Then I slashed the V’s in the fabric at equidistant intervals from the centre front and back. I then pinned and stitched them into place. I then slashed the centre front and edged it with lime green cotton fabric, again from my stash. It pays to have a stash I reckon.


I also made rosettes from the same fabric and hot glued them to the points of the inserts. I embellished two of the rosettes with some scrap lace and finally shortened the sleeves to reach just below my elbow and I now have a wearable cardigan that I like.



4 thoughts on “Creativity and Craft

  1. Very Clever lady….gorgeous!
    …I am still kicking myself for not buying a gorgeous blue cardigan at my latest op shop jaunt (don’t really get there often), but because I was on a tight schedule and needed to catch a plane home to Sydney I hesitated . Oh well. May be another time 🙂



    • Hello Alexa

      Ha, ha. I know what you mean about not buying what you see at the op shop at the time. But fear not, I always think that there is something awaiting us that is equally as gorgeous if not more so. Cheers. Janet.


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