My background

I was born in London and lived in this block of flats with my parents and three sisters until I got married at 18 years old. Then I moved out to this flat that was below ground level until my husband Jim, myself Janet, and our two year old daughter Lisa emigrated to the Land of Oz in 1970.

Garraway House

Gipsy Road 3

A lot has happened since those early days, another daughter Debbie came along; we lived on Bougainville Island in New Guinea for four years and then my husband Jim died at the age of 40. I was lucky to be living in Kyogle, NSW, for just three years at that stage and met and finally married after 10 years, my second husband Michael. Mike has 2 sons from a previous marriage and we now have 10 grandchildren between us. It’s a lovely time of our lives, especially as now we are both retired.

I have a passion for gardening, in particular planting trees, lots of trees. Lucky we live on property and have approximately three acres set aside for gardens of all different sorts. Native gardens, mini rainforests, cottage garden, mixed garden, veggie garden and two big chook pens right in the middle of the veggie gardens. I shall be blogging about my garden as I love to share it. Below is the view from the roof of our home looking at my cottage garden. It’s also the view out of our dining/lounge room window. Not bad at all.

For my first post, I think I shall end on that note. I still have to figure this out. Lol.

Gazebo shot 4


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